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Well after a long 4-5months of having the car tore apart and put back together. Tomorrow will be the time for me to crank this bad boy up.

Grantelli K-member/coil overs
70mm On3 Performance Kit
MHS Stage 2 Heads/Cams
Teksid block built with forged internals and crank
Fuel Pump w/BAP
45lb injectors

Etc etc...

Got a start up tune from Eric Brooks aka Brookspeeds.

I will prime the motor after i upload the tune and see it has been uploaded. Any tips on what i need to keep an eye out other then the obvious, first time for me to crank a fresh motor.

Wish me luck other wise lol...

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Just dont be revving it up, going into boost or anything harsh at first, did you get a oil change interval with your new motor?

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Keep an eye on the basics.
AFR, oil pressure, water temps, etc.
Also keep an eye on your tailpipes to see if there's any smoke, any smoke from the engine bay, watch for bubbles in the coolant reservoir, check oil level now and then, watch coolant color.
And of course watch out for any odd noises and be ready to kill it at a moment's notice.
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