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Ok its time to upgrade the brake system. I'm staying 4 lug, but going disk in the back. I have the brackets from NRC. And I have the rotors, calipers and rubber lines from an 88 turbo coupe. I don't plan on flaring ****... I plan on buying premade hard lines with the flares and fittings already on them. I have a high end Imperial flaring tool, but for small lines you want to commit suicide after the 3rd attempt!

I need the specifics of the brake line that feeds that back wheels. The one that seems to originate from up by the heater core and ends over the diff into that pain in the ass rubber hose. BTW, what a bitch to replace! It took me over an hour using a lift!

Is it 6mm? And whats the proper routing for it? Also, does anyone know the proper fittings on the system? I know I have the old rubber hose block and can use that as reference, but I don't trust a damn thing...

My previous owner mickey moused it and now it needs to be re-done the right way...


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haha good luck. mickey moused stuff is frustrating and normaly ends up with flying wrenches around here
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