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brakes problem

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so yesterday i did my front brakes and they went perfect and today im trying to do the back and i cant compress the piston, it wont budge at all. any ideas why its not moving..or how to get it to move?
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u have to turn the piston back in,and keep pressure on it,
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thank you!
first, make sure you crack the bleeder valve.. if you try pushing the pistons back in you'll mess up your ABS. then use a c clamp and start screwing it back in. it should go. pushing them with your hands or a screwdriver won't work
yep you need to get a brake piston tool and turn the piston clockwise i believe
you dont have to get one,all you need in a c clamp and a good set of pliers
only the rear ones need to be turned as they're pushed in
If you have a advance auto parts around you can rent the tool with just a deposit.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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