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have both valve covers currently routed to a baffled Oil separator with a breather filter on top. I get minor smoke coming out of the filter, looks like less smoke then a cigarette. Also moves as slow as a cigarette smoke even if I push on the gas. Before people start going haywire that I have a problem with the motor, compression test and leak down test were both good. The smoke becomes annoying sitting at a light creeping up out of Cobra hood vents.

My Brether can

Option #1 I was thinking of removing the filter and routing those fumes back into the intake. Should I do it before or after the MAF sensor.

Option #2 remove the filter and route it into my exhaust pipe after wideband O2 sensor with one of those Vibrant Venturi part #1 1189 scavenger fittings.

1999 Mustang GT Convertible
4.75 MMR 750se 10.5:1 CR Notched Pistons
Ported PI Heads CMS Turbo Stage 2 Cams Eddy Intake 75mm 60lb inj Twin 340lph Pumps Modified FPDM

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