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so I guess ill get out of a mustang as my DD and fun car if it is totaled out. I have been looking around for a small SUV/truck. I have made it where 4x4/4wd are optional and it seems like I am stuck buying a mid 2000's in my price range of $7k~$10k around here.....for no 4x4/4wd and most are 100,000~200,000 mile vehicles. just wondering if they are worth it?

is a '06 escape 2.0l fwd with 101,000 miles worth $6.8k?

is an '07 fully loaded highlander v6 fwd with 175,000 worth $7.8k.

is a 4x4 '09 jeep liberty with 125,000 worth $9,750?(if its still available)

these things are stuff I don't know cause I don't deal with them enough and most people are telling me they have problems with their vehicle starting to nickel and dime them at the 125k mile~150k mile marker so they trade them in.
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