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Optimize the power and performance gains of your Ford Mustang GT350 and maximize the airflow with our superior 69 Series Typhoon Aluminum Black Cold Air Intake System by K&N. It is so far one of the most technologically advanced air intakes on the market developed to suit the requirements of your highly capable pony car outfitted with the insane all-new 5.2L engine. The 69 Series Typhoon Intake utilizes heavily oversized conical high-flow K&N air filter for smooth airflow, excellent operation and power gains.

* Fits: 2018 Ford Mustang 5.2L;
* Price: $372.99;
* HP Gain: Up to 18 hp;
* Replacement Filter: RP-2960;
* This is a Federal (EPA) compliant part, legal for use on vehicles built to meet Federal EPA standards ONLY. It is NOT legal for installation on vehicles required to meet CARB standards and/or registered in California and other states which follow CARB standards.

Find more useful details about this functional and reliable Intake on our website:

K&N® - Ford Mustang 5.2L 2018 69 Series Typhoon® Aluminum Black Cold Air Intake System with Red Filter at CARiD

For more information look at the Dyno chart:

Buy any K&N Air Intake System or Cabin Air Filter and receive $25 back via mail-in-rebate or FREE hat.

This exclusive offer is valid until July 31, 2018.

Don't forget to complete the following PDF to get your gift.

Boost up the engine performance with K&N products at CARiD!
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