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C&L Plenum vs BBK 78mm throttle body/plenum

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i tried searching C&L plenum but it said it was too short so heres my question.
I currently have a BBK 78mm Throttle body / Plenum combo but i have a chance to get a C&L plenum for pretty cheap. I would use the stock throttle body for now until i got a 70mm or 75mm one. I guess my main question is would i be better off to get the C&L and using the stock throttle body or stick with the 78mm BBK one?
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I've never cared much for the C&L plenum and putting the stock TB on it will restrict air flow. Keep the BBK. It's will flow better and look better.
I agree ^ I have the older BBK plenum and 70mm TB and I love it.
Yeah-I thnk the BBK looks and flows better IMO.
I've read a lot of posts and the majority say that the 78mm is way to big for a n/a motor
ive read that too but more air cant possibly hurt could it?? i dont kno personnally.

but i would keep the BBK in the situation ur in. after putting a aftermarket TB+Plenum in, going back to stock would kinda suck =\
the 78mm is probably to big for you if your n/a, but i would keep it until you have a new combo, because like stated above an aftermarket plenum with a stock throttle body, is pretty much useless. if you get an aftermarket t-body with that plenum then you should be happy
Wait-you're running a n/a car with a 78mm TB?? That should only be used on a nitrous injected or supercharged car. Too much air can cause problems. I'm amazed you are not having issues with how your car runs.
well if to big n/z then go FI!
Ya it's n/a that's why I was thinking on getting this c&l. I got the bbk for a good price that's the only reason I have it, but I'm sick of the throttle sticking when it's shut like from an idle. Idk if it's the throttle body or not I've tried adjusting the stop to open it up a little more but I can't go anymore because the idle then raises. Should I go with 70mm or 75mm?
The only way it would hurt you is air velocity (thus the FI suggestions). It's not a huge gain, nor would it be a huge loss. I would have personally jumped on this had I not already had the old style plenum and TB.

If you like the BBK design, get the old plenum and buy a 70mm TB. That's plenty enough and you keep the slick design.
75mm is still too much for a n/a car. Best bet is a 70mm TB.
It all depends on your plans for the car. Some people say 75mm hurts N/a however alot of people run 75mm N/a with no problems at all. If you plan on supercharging it in the future stick with the bbk 78mm or go to a 75mm set up. If you are staying n/a a 70mm is probably your best bet. This has been debated on mm for a while. But my opinion is buy a set up once not twice.
so if i can get the c&l for like 55 bucks that would be a good deal and i should probably do it?
55 bucks is a great deal on the plenum if you want to i would jump on it. And buy a throttle body 75 mm if you plan on FI and 70 if you plan on staying n/a.
I would love to go FI but I'm in college and don't have a lot of cash flow. Also I'm undecided if I wanna go heads and cams for now then blower later.
personally i would love to have duals..:D
like this.


rider.. do you have the complete cobra R kit.
or just the front. ?
that is pretty cool looking.

i have the whole kit just dont have the wing on it yet, i dont have the cool side exhaust tho. I'm undecided on if i wanna put the wing on it or not, i put my stock front bumper on and stock wheels in case i dont get a winter car by the time they start cindering the roads, anyway i like the look of the stock bumper and i dont have to worry about hitting everything in front of me either so i dont know what im going to do
I have the 75mm Accufab TB and plenum and I got no problems with it. My car is N/A and staying that way ;)
the stock t/b is not really a restriction unless you rev it high, or boosted. the c&l plenum is pretty good as well.
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