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EDIT These are actually the Torque Thrust M not the ii

Hey guys,

So i am selling a set of American Racing Torque Thrusts. They have black spokes and a machined lip.

They are 20x10s in the rear and 20x8.5 for the fronts. There is some minor curb rash on 2 of the wheels but other than that there is no structural damage what so ever. No dents, bends or cracks.

I was going to powedercoat them but never got around to it, and doing so would cover up all of the curb rash.

These retail for about $240 a wheel but im only asking $800 (local pickup) for the set. If you need them shipped to you we can discuss it.

I am open to offers but these wheels are in solid condition so please dont low ball me.

Im located in the East Bay in California and am willing to meet up in the greater bay area for delivery/pickup

Thanks for your time guys, PM me with offers

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