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CAI filter maintenance

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Whats involved in keeping these thing clean? And there is no risk off harming the engine with having one of these one here is there. amy buddy who is a mechanic said that the reason the let the engine breath better is because they let more particles of stuff into the engine. Whay do you guys say about that.
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K&N recharger kit...its real easy to do....and he might be right to a point but I have never had issues with junk getting in my engine. Its still a cloth filter in there so i cant see too musch getting past it and the oil on it?
My friend, a BMW, Audi, VW master tech. said that they do let in more particles in the engine. He is strongly against all CAIs. Unless it is some sort of factory air box mod, like an extra breather hose or something. Thats what I did on my Turbo'd 2002 Maxima, I modded the factory airbox. On the we had a graph of particles allowed in, and the K&N filters were the worst, absolutely god awful. They let in so much ****, and at the time I was using a K&N drop in filter. So I would said yes they do let in more, but mainly it depends on the design and quality of the filter. Bavarian Autosports (BMW tuner) has categories for their filters and exhaust systems, like a little more flow than stock, stock, race, etc. Do we have any rocket scientists here that could test it?
Well if they let so much **** into the engine, why are they so popular?
I plan to replace my new stock filter with a K&N. I am not a scientist, just an old bastard, but I have to say that if a filter is coated with an oil base it should trap any particle just because of its 'stickyness'. If it is breathable, and the paper 'screen' is high volume, then it should pass onto performance.

Having said that, I have to believe, personally, that any high performance filter that uses an oil base cannot deliver damaging particles to the intake. I would assume that it would clog and restrict the filter before anything. A filter that was not maintained would be another story.

As long as you keep the filter oiled well nothing or atleast not much should get through since that oil helps grab dust. I had a K&N on top of my turbo system and after uninstalling everything the tube was very clean after all of that air literally being sucked in
Pretty interesting. How does one know when it is time to clean / oil one of these things? I notice that my Steeda is a lighter shade of blue than it used to be... :confused:

Being an off road racer for many many years, I have spoken to many different air/oil filter reps regarding keeping the dirt out of a motor. The best thing you can do with a K&N filter or any one of the oil based filters is too not "over" clean them. Once they have built up a little dirt they do infact filter particles out better then when they are freshly cleaned and oiled.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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