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Cam Swap ?

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Found a good deal on a blower cam set up. is it SAFE to do so on a stock internal 420 rwp ride? I know i need a bottom end either way i will probably get them but is it safe to put them in now?
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I bet itd be pushing it pretty hard, but Ive heard of it being done. Im kinda in the same delima with mine.
lol, maybe i'll jus hang on to em...
we're setting about the same .. what u e/t?
I'm basically building this thing from iraq.
No et's yet....still waiting on my backordered MT's :mad:
i would NOT put them in. ive always heard 450 is the magic number, and i wouldnt risk putting those cams in and something in the motor giving up and breaking my new cams.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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