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Zip, I'm no point and shooter, you know this, but I saw one of these 20's in the store and gave it a once over. Coming from the DSLR driven mandatory world I live in, the camera has plenty to offer but my brain sticks with the negatives.

The negs first:

Felt chinsy, plastic like. Again, my DSLR's have been metal cased so I'm spoiled.

Maximum ap value at full zoom was 5.7 this would handicap me.

Kinda loud when you activate shutter, but I believe you can make it shoot silent.

flip out screen, made no sense, just shoulda left it as a hard mounted LCD.

Struggled to select autofocus point in low light, I'd like to see it in use outside of the store to better see what is happening.


Video, nice to have. Won't get used much in my hands, but I see how it would be beneficial to have.

Modes, lots of selectable modes packed into this camera, good for a trucker.

Price, not bad considering all the items it has.

Live view on the lcd, even though I hate the flip feature, using the screen as the view finder for video is sweet.

IS, was amazed at how well it worked. Very impressed with it on this camera.

I got all of that from about 15 minutes of store doodling. I don't think there is much out there that trumps it honestly, but again, I don't use the P&S type cameras nor do I claim to be a resource. When toying around, this was the first that I said - "only needs a few more things and 2 or 3 changes in design".
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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