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so the canon rebel xs will take pretty good shots??

its only 8 or 10 mp..

that nikon p90 is 12 or 14... i dont rem.

i think the dslr will be hard getting used to.. compared to a point and shoot i belive...

yet the nikon p90 is a dlsr from wat i read on the interwebs
Dont get caught up in the Megapixal Rumors. Do not pick a camera because one has 14Megapixals or so on.


I Love my D40 as well but will be upgrading soon. Do not spend a lot on the body either if you do not plan on getting serious about photography. The D40 or Canons rival model to the D40 would be great for you if this is for shits and giggles. Spend all your money on the LENS! thats the important stuff.

Also, Yes SLR are very scary at first. It took me a week to just learn how to use "M" mode. But the D40 will teach you how to use it. It shows you Visually what the camera is doing when you change the settings. That helped me greatly on learning how to use the camera correctly. Im so glade i started with my D40. i really do not know what canon can offer so you many want to look into them as well or talk to Emay about canon products.

Lastly, know what you are getting into when you buy a DSLR. This hobby is Very expensive! you'll learn this once you get a good grasp on photography. I am constantly finding myself deciding if i want to spend money on a new lens or my mustang. Also if you don't plan on being serious about photography i wouldn't buy an SLR honestly. They cost too much money for the little interest you have in it. You will wonder where your 600.00 went. Just some advise before you buy something.

Also do not do the Hybrid thing, Been there done that kinda. SLR is SLR, Point and shoots do not compare. I bought a point and shoot to find out it was nothing like an SLR, so i just wasted a few hundred on that. basically you will spend more money in the long run if you do the cheap way now. I was warned by and SLR owner and i didn't listen and i ended up spending more money in the long run.

Hope that helped.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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