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Can i get a new sig?

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hey guys can someone please amke me a nice sig my current one is when i was in my first week of learning how to use photoshop.. here is a link of my photo bucket collection you guys pick wich pictures wish will look the best and i'd like to have atleats one of the flaming horses in it..and idk try to hgave explosions or fire everywhere or somthing like that has a lot of "energy" going on..thanks

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Yeah, I'll work on it. I have one to do ahead of you and then I'll take care of it.
I'm not sure. It may be Monday night. I'm going out of town tomorrow for the weekend.
Hey did you want xsxtxaxnxgx to be your name or something else?
Here you go man. It should be ready to put straight on. I have already tested it and it is the perfect size to fit.

Here is a bigger one if you can resize it and get it on here larger. You'll see more detail this way.

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Yeah I know what you mean. That is the most frustrating part of making sigs is getting the right file size that works as a sig. The first one works for sure but I am trying right now to get a larger one that is going to fit. The bigger one has better color but the smaller one still looks cool.
This one works. It is bigger but for some reason it won't let us keep the right color profiles that I design them to be.

I have it as my sig right now. See how much brighter the color is? It works though.
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He does awesome work....I absolutely love mine

Thanks again 98.....
You are very welcome. xSxTxAxNxGx you are welcome too and thanks for the compliments guys. It never gets old! LOL!
A little of both and added another picture I found and did the same with that one. But as a typographer I would say the type is very important in creating any design. So make sure you make it looks like it belongs there when you do work for school or fun. It is something they beat into me at school when I was there.
I was never taught any application (photoshop, indesign, illustrator, flash, ect.). It is just something you have to practice and ask people and lookup how to do tricks.
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