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Can I Make My Seats Go Farther Back?

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i have a 2001 mustang gt and i was trying to go to sleep in the parking lot of my school this morning and i noticed that my seats didn't go back nearly as far as i wanted them to go so i could go to sleep, does anyone know of a way to make them go back farther?
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im not sure who makes them, but i know there are seat rail extenders you can get
come on guys im 6''4 its kind of hard to sleep with the seats so high up
I'm not sure. I know thats one thing I dont like about the new edge. The SN95 will lay onto the rear seats
Yes. I know some one will post up the link...ill have to get on my g/fs comp where i saved it. But its just a bolt that you take out..its like a stopper and once its gone you can go ALL the way back. than go to How Tos. Theres a couple other good ones on there the radio into the cruise control
Nice info Andrew
so you noticed when you were going to sleep LOL..i noticed it when a girl i was kissing told me to bring the seat all the way down..well too bad it doesnt LOL! would of been alot better if it would thouhg :(
haha try the back seat. fun but challenging lol!
a word of advise before doing the free mod. I did it to both seats in my 01 gt and i regret it. the seatbelt holder that is on the headrest WILL rub the rear side panel of the car when leaving your seat back. if your like me I like my seat reclined a little more than most people it will rubb all the time. the seat also feels to lose some regidity feeling.

if you do the mod just be smart. dont drill the hole any bigger than you absolutely HAVE to. oh and if the rear seat is out after the mod the front goll go all the way back until it hits the rear seat lower mounting brace.the one that runs just under the front of the rear seat.
haha try the back seat. fun but challenging lol!
haha... already done it... me and my girl went to the back seat... and im not a small guy. 6'2'' 240. ha. but you can get it no matter where if you really want it. ha
yea it says to remove it i believe in the writeup...i love that website
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