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can i use a posi 8.8 rear end on my 71 mustang grande

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The rear end its from a 89 gt and its 273 rear axle I think break down....the wheel came out with the bar while I was driving so I think I have to buy a new 1.and since its posi I was wonderi. My car has already 5.0 302 and a aod trans. That's another reason while I have this question.and I know that you gays know a lot about this and I have no idea whatsoever.
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Measure the width of it if thats the same then you could use it. The problem will be the mounts for the springs and shocks, they will likely not be the same and have to be swapped. Then the driveshaft will have to be sorted out, the u-joints and yokes are likely different. It could be easy or it could be difficult. How are your welding skills?
yes.just have to weld spring saddles on it.
Thanks welding skills sucks but I got my friend who its good at it.
Finally I went with a 9 rear end. It works perfect. Had to change the driveshaft ( clerify my if I am wrong) since I have a aod on my car.

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where did you get the 9" how much will you have in the rebuild of it?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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