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Car caught on fire a couple of weeks ago

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I was sitting at a light and my brakes started to feel a little spongy, and I conveniently was about a 1/2 mile from my dads house so I figured I would just check it out when I got there and when I stopped at the light some smoke started coming from the cowl in the hood and the vents in the front of the hood then before you know it flames are shooting out both of those places and on the driver side of the hood. So I just turned it off and got out and was about to watch the show. I didn't open the hood because I didn't want to let more oxygen in there and thankfully it went out only costing me a set of plug wires (I think). After looking at the bay I found that one of the hard lines coming off of the master cylinder had corroded and there must be a pinhole, so small that it doesn't leak without applying pressure and you can't see it, and it mists brake fluid right onto the drivers side header. I feel pretty lucky that I got out with the little damage that I did because it also melted the oil pressure line (I had a plastic one on there for about a week because long story short, about a week prior to this, something grounded out and arced through the copper line and melted it, I actually had a new copper one in the car I was driving back to my place to install) So not only did I avoid a big brake fluid fire I also avoided a 40psi oil fire by turning the car off when I did. So I need the hard brake lines for the engine bay coming off of the master cylinder. I want opinions or even places to buy because I can only find one or two right now. Here is a pic of a random engine bay for reference

50 mustang engine bay image by bigt88145 on Photobucket

and here are one of the sets I was looking at, are these even the right ones? I can't seem to get answers out of anyone?

Mustang - 87-93 Brake Line Kit, 5.0L, Stainless Steel, Except 93 Cobra by Classic Tube at LRS - Same Day Shipping!

Thanks for you responses in advance guys.
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I didn't even notice the blower on that car until now.....go me.
looks like an m90
Those lines look approximately right.
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