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2000 V6 3.8 Manual

My car runs strong, good power and good take off and throttle response. Recently bought this car knowing of this problem. The car when (slowing down, shifting manual slowing with clutch, letting off gas for a few seconds or stopping/braking to stop sign or in traffic, turning corners) my rpms drop down low quickly to around 500 I think and the car shuts off. It does this most of the time after the car has warmed up. usually if I start car first thing in day it will not cut out on me until the car warms up or after 5 miles or so of driving. If I either shift the manual to neutral and give it gas while stopped or turning corners it wont shut off.

Today it cut on me and the battery was dead when I tried to restart it . I tested it and replaced the battery because it was bad thinking that was the problem but the problem continued.

While changing spark plug wires one of the wires was not attached on a plug so I assumed that was why I was having problems but that didn't help although it did give me more power and less erratic rpm and stuttering while driving and gas smell gone.

I have replaced the TPC, I swapped IAC with another used one that came of a junk car, changed spark plug and wires, and replaced the battery. Cleaned and tested the MAF sensor by tapping on it while car is running and I also unplugged it and drove it and Im still having problems.

I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure what the problem may be. I'm thinking maybe replace the EGR valve and the Fuel Filter because those look pretty old. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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