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Hi guys,

I’m from the team of car geeks working on a first-ever super app devoted to vehicles & tuning and enriched with a cutting-edge top-secret killer feature. Our mission is to provide car enthusiasts like us with the up-to-date information and reliable services in order to make tuning easier, faster and exciting.

There can be no better place than this forum to ask a few questions regarding your tuning experience, or as we call it a «Car Passion Barometer». Please, follow the link, the survey will take about 10 minutes. Your comments, ideas and suggestions will be much appreciated. If you will have a chance to have a more in-depth conversation via Zoom or Skype, that will be a solid background for our research. Please, feel free to comment back or DM.
Car Passion Barometer

If you run a car-related business, please, follow this link It will also take about 10 minutes, and I would be beyond happy if we can arrange a call and chat a little.

Take care and stay safe!
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