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My car (1999 Mustang Gt 4.6)didnt start the other day after I drove it to the store shut it off, came out it didnt start.
Then after I had it towed home it started. Then 2- 3 times/days after, I started it and when I shut it off it didnt start I had it towed got it home and it started again!
Now when it refuses to start my alarm still works, and when I turn the key the dash lights up, and the lights work but it doesnt do anything when I turn it over no click no sound .
Ive had my battery checked and it was fine but after leaving battery on It drained so I bought a charger/ maintainer , charged it , it started once now it wont star at all and it makes the starting sound but not turning over/igniting? The only thing I can see wrong is my 3rd ignition coil bolt has nothing to screw into because the previous owner had a bolt 3× too big and it broke the bolt hole off the ??manifold I think??? Im not a mechanic by no means also some one said it might be the alternator or battety cables The car was free and but has 190,000 miles on it but I cant afford a new car is it going to cost a lot to fix it or should I not waste my time
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