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Cast Bullitt Wheels

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I am looking at the cast aftermarket Bullitt wheels for my 98 GT. I had purchased a set of cast wheels for my Maxima years ago and they were not round or straight in any direction. Cheap Chinese junk. So I am concerned these Bullitt wheels are much of the same. What is everyone's experiance with these?

I have seen American Muscles price of $129/wheel for the 9" wheel. I am more interested in an ebay seller that has 8" wheels for $349/set. I asked the seller if these were straight and round and his response was "they are guaranteed to balance". Opinions?
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hmmmm...i dont know what to tell ya on this one. But if it helps, i would prefer being able to see and touch something that i am buying used before i buy. There aint no telling what they look like. And you wouldnt be spending that much more for the new ones, so i would say go with the 9".
Damn, all GA boys in this thread so far. lol.

I am not sure what I would trust on eBay for wheels. I am like OneBadNotch. I like to see what I buy first. Or buy from someone reputable. Lately I have been buying more online and have been lucky. I would stick with AM.
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