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CC plates or bolts?

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I have a 2001 cobra when i bought it it was already lowered with eibach loweing springs. i noticed it dosent have CC plates. it drives fine but i was told after a while of driving i will notice the inside of the tires wear if the alignment is off and now im starting to see my rear tires wear bad on the inside. Do i need cc plates for the front and the back beacause i have IRS? Or could i go with cheaper cc bolts to fix the problem?
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just get some maxiumum motorsports 4 bolt CC plates...thats what ive got. cars strait as an arrow man
do you need cc plates for the rear if you have a cobra with IRS.
no such thing as cc plates for the rear. the rear end isnt not alignable on the mustang
go with the plates, bro...
thnx i want to go with maximum motorsport cc plates. But really the rear end on my 01 cobra has tie rod ends so i thought it needs to be aligned plus the inside of the rear tiress are going bald alot faster than the outside.
oh yeah I forgot about the IRS being alignable, take it to a shop they can align it for ya. the toe is off apparently
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