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cdc ducktail

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i have a black mustang should i get it with the pony or not?
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Your choice, but I say not...

Theres already enough badging on the back end to identify it and if you cant identify what it is the pony on the wing isnt going to change that.
i just wasnt sure because in some pics i felt it was too plain in the back (blackout tailights)

but then when i saw it with it i thought it was too much... lol

like anything with the car u get confused what u wanna do
yeh i have been staring at a pic with it and a pic without it i think ill take it without it, but now should i get cervini window louvers and side louvers?

the front of the car is changing as well stock hood and a gt500 front end and rear bumper... (no snake emblems on my car dont worry.... might even shave off the gt's?? what ya think about that too)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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