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Well, they look great when they are on the car. The problem is that they are not easy to install. Also, the rivits for the snaps must be really really tight. I had to use a 4mm medium length one because a 3mm short one pulled through. Once on, they are nice but you've got two painted surfaces in tight contact with eachother. There is the occasional sqeaking sound when I go over a hard bump.
They attack with two screws with big plastic hand turn handles. One in the middle and one toward the front that has a bar which clicks into a seatbelt thing at the other end.
They fit easily around a lightbar. They are only so-so for getting rid of wind. I found that the haneymotorsport windgard, combined with the light-bar, combined with this cover, worked well.

The reality is that I've only put them on a half dozen times and I was lazy about taking them off as well which isn't the greatest since that means my top was down when it was parked. It makes a better show-car thing.
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