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change in 1/4 mile ET?

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Of course I installed LT's and 4:10s blah blah blah... just like everyone else the 4:10s made the biggest difference in ET but the headers ehh not so much. So my question is how much of a difference will a tuner tuned by the right guy make in my ET. Keeping in mind I'm lucky to run a 13.9 lately and has never been tuned.
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your not at a high altitude or nothing, you should be running 13.3's easily. It doesn't matter if its tuned or not you really don't have that much on there to tune. You might gain 10-15hp out of tune but that ain't going to do much for ya if you cant' drive
i don't think powershifting can make up for .6 but not taking 3 seconds between shifts can cause thats what you gotta be doing if you are running that slow. Here is a hint buddy, remove front sway bar, air front tires to 45psi, rear to 23psi, remove spare and jack, bring rpms up to 4000rpms and feather the clutch out to keep from spinning and then shift fast, you don't have to stay on the gas but your doing something wrong in that department. I am not a pro or anything but i swear if i could take everyone with just bolt-ons and teach them how to drive we would have alot more faster cars at the track.
just realized your using drag radials in the back, bring pressure down to 16psi in rear. Another hint, your not on the street and if the car starts to spin, you don't keep your foot to the floor waiting for it to stop lol.
1 - 4 of 42 Posts
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