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change in 1/4 mile ET?

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Of course I installed LT's and 4:10s blah blah blah... just like everyone else the 4:10s made the biggest difference in ET but the headers ehh not so much. So my question is how much of a difference will a tuner tuned by the right guy make in my ET. Keeping in mind I'm lucky to run a 13.9 lately and has never been tuned.
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you have a 13.2 under your avatar but a 14.2 in your sig.... with a tune and tires you should go 12s no problem.. i ran a 13.0 and really the only heavy mods i had was exhaust and gears...
do you have aftermarket cams? i cuz a 1.82 60' on nittos launching at 3500 with 10lbs in them.. ran a [email protected].. 1/8 mile at like 8.4x something... if you have cams you need to shift about 6500-6800... i shifted at 6200.... and speed shifted and my rpms only jump about 100... if that.
1 - 5 of 42 Posts
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