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change in 1/4 mile ET?

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Of course I installed LT's and 4:10s blah blah blah... just like everyone else the 4:10s made the biggest difference in ET but the headers ehh not so much. So my question is how much of a difference will a tuner tuned by the right guy make in my ET. Keeping in mind I'm lucky to run a 13.9 lately and has never been tuned.
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Just a question, but how many of you powershift? Just curious after reading the ETs that you guys are saying. Cause I don't powershift (dont have money for a new tranny), not sure if the original poster does or not?
If you are running drag radials, your 60' should be better than 2.12.
There's your problem. Your 60' should be somewhere in the range of 1.7-1.8. Definately under 2. Your R/T does not effect your E/T, and if someone argues with me, I'm going to punch them in the mouth. Lower your tire pressure as well. 17 psi is what I run at the track.

R/T doesnt have anything to do with yout ET. Your ET time doesnt start until you break the beam. You could sit there all day if u want before you take off and it wont affect your ET. But if you are racing against someone then the bigger jump you get on them the better.
1 - 3 of 42 Posts
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