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You have to pull the tank down far enough to remove the cover and its pretty far so you might as well take the tank out to make things easier. Here are a few helpful tips:

Take as much gas out as possible. Lighter gas tank is easier to work with
Jack up the rear as high as you safely can. Makes getting the tank out easier
Open gas tank door and remove the 3 screws that hold the neck onto the car
Unscrew the bracket that holds the neck to the tank. Right side folow the neck
Start to remove the 2 straps that hold the tank up. It'll stay up with one but once the second one starts to get loose have a buddy hold the other end or place a jack under the middle to support/balance the tank.
Once loose, lower the drivers side a little and disconnect the fuel lines and wire harness. You'll need the fuel line disconnect tools for this.
Then slide the whole tank toward the drivers side while carefully wiggeling the tank neck out. May need to raise/shift/lower the tank until its free
Once the tank is remote from the car remove the 10 (or 8) bolts that hold the hat on. I'd clean this surface before you remove the hat so dirt doesn't fall in.
Once apart, pull basket out and disconnect old pump and insert new pump. Nows a good time to put in a new sock. If you don't have one clean stock one under hot water or something
Once new pump is in repeat everything I said backwards.

Hope this helps.
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