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When I was on the dyno, ambient temps were *97.

Driving now with 60-70 temps the car feels completely different but still making same boost. I'm almost happy for winter (NOT). I can do my valve springs and up the boost next spring. I want ~525whp, just couldn't push the boost with stock springs.

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Just curious why you didn't hit higher numbers with your ON3 system? Was it fuel? You have a built shortblock and heads. I made 489 on stock heads and cams with a KB 15psi. I am building on ON3 kit now and was hoping to make more than I made with the KB.

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** Also from what I heard a boost controller will potentially give you more chance of boost spike than going with the closest spring to the boost you want and using the boost controller to get the couple PSI you need. someone correct me if I am wrong.

** Get the UPR. This is what I have. Fit great. I haven't put the kit on yet though.

I'm not sure with the hp. Xandraxal made 430/450 on 9psi but he has cams on stock heads. I have stock PI cams on ported heads?

I made 262/301 on my NPI block with these heads and thought that was kinda low also. Maybe it's my heavy ass Mamba wheels.

With the turbo I made 360/450 on 8psi ... 397/453 on 9psi with tuner pulling timing down low to help control tq. That's ~40hp for 1psi. I've been running 10psi since late July (tuned on 7/15) after fixing a few things but I have no numbers for that. When I go to dyno next spring I see what the 10psi was making before we turn it up more.

I'm only 90hp and ~30tq off your numbers with 6psi less. If you're going 15psi on the turbo you should pass your current numbers for fun. I'll be looking for low 500's and I think I'll reach that by 13-14psi.

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I can't help with info on boost spikes with a controller. I never ran a different set up to compare it to.

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I've been running the qa1 front tubular kit since 05.
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