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I know wrong forum but I wanted to show my thanks you can move it...

Mustang in the start Feb 7th purchased
1000$ Cash 1500 loan

Timing Belt 37.99
Injector Cleaner 4.00
Paper Towels 2.99
2 Wire brushes 8.99
PB Blaster 4.00
Simple Green 3.99
Spray Paint (for rust) 3.99

The things that are wrong
1.Rust on the shock towers
2.Rust underneath passenger side floorboard
3.Power steering leaks
4.Injector need cleaned
5.needs oil changed and spark plugs changed
6.door doesnt lock driver side
7.engine is dirtyish
8.needs tires
9.emergency brake needs adjusted
10.needs alignment
11. needs timing belt (done)

And many more things that will come

But despite all that when I thought I was going to kill myself because I had no idea what I got myself into...

People on the ModdedMustangs forum helped me with everything

just want to say sierously thanks guys if it wasnt for you I would have no idea what to do
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