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Chemical guys Hybrid Optical Polish Review.

Please Read the disclaimer and beginning note before watching the video

Before you view the read/watch the review, please note that i dont claim to be a completely professional detailer and i have limited experience with CG's polishes, this is just my experience on a neglected car and my opinions based off of my findings, im not claiming which products are the "Best" overall, i am simply showing you what ive found using the techniques that ive come to believe are best for me.

Another note, in the 3rd/4th video i get a little confused and temporarily mis-remembered as to which polishes i used on each section so here is a map of exactly what polish/pad i used on each section just to keep it straight. Again this is my first official video review so go easy on me, i tend to talk quickly and babble a bit, but its all about detailing so im sure most of you guys wont mind listening.

V34/Org Followed by V38/Blue
M105/Yellow Followed by PO85RD/Blue

Oh and one more thing, i interchangeably used the word "holograms" and "buffing swirls" im not sure if thats detailing kosher but said something about DA's arent supposed to do that...i forgot i was compounding, youll hear me correct myself, do my knowledge thats the only time i sounded like an idiot lol.

What the videos in order 1-4, then the final video. Dont forget to watch it in HD!!

Chemical Guys Optical Polish Review 1 of 4 - YouTube
Chemical Guys Optical Polish Review 2 of 4 - YouTube
Chemical Guys Optical Polish Review 3 of 4 - YouTube
Chemical Guys Optical Polish Review 4 of 4 - YouTube

Final Video
I felt that the comparison between 34/38 and 105/85 werent shown very well in the small areas i was polishing in, so i taped off bigger sections to show a better comparison.

Chemical Guys Vs Meguiars/Menzerna - YouTube

My Final Thoughts

I was impressed with V34's ability to correct alot and still finish well. That being said, i still dont think it can run with M105 on how deep it can cut, but it well worth the trade off for the easy of use. V34 works like a polish and you can work it for a while with VERY little dusting. So for a car with major defects and hard paint M105 is still the way to go. But for most of us hobby detailers who keep our rides mostly swirl/scratch free, v34 should have plenty of cut with the appropriate pad.
Also note that Chemical Guys recently released V32, their most aggressive "Low dust" Optical polish yet, id like to see how that compares to 105.

Another thing that impressed me is how much correction you can get from V36 with a medium pad, very comparable to m205 and i think it may actually have a longer working time.

V38- This is a good next best thing if Menzerna 85RD doesnt do well on your paint composition, that being said, on my Black 03 Mach 1, Menzerna finishes 100% PERFECTLY with ZERO buffer swirls or micromarring and v38 did not. V38 does have a VERY long working time.

I think the secret here is what combination of polishes you use. Personally for my next correction on my Mach 1, since my defects are moderate to mild, im going to do a 2 step. Im going to start with either v34 or v36 but finish with Menzerna 85RD. This will give me the advantage of the low dust with CG's polishes and the perfect finish of Menzerna.

Thanks for reading and watching guys!
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