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Chicago shops

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Does anyone know of any good shop in the chicago are that would do my gears. I cant find any shops around here. I went to the dealer yestarday and they want $600 for labor and $400 for parts (entire kit+ diff cover). I was set on speding more like 600-700 not 1000. I live in the north subburbs of chicago please help
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Go to ask around in there or look for the vendors on their site...i called up Bob Krugen and he hooked me up with this guy in Byron... it was a far drive but it should be about half the price of what everyone else is asking...i was calling around and everyone wanted 700-1000 bucks for off!!
there is a shop in schaumburg that works on mostly ls1s i think its called rpm or ls1...cant remember...but the guys there are really cool and work on mustangs too...but they are really busy and you might have to wait a couple weeks...but the price is alot better than 1000 bucks... ive been told from alot people to stay away from street stuff
I cannot recommend this guy enough:

Sullivan's High Impact Tuning & Performance -Auto repair & high performance upgrades

He's located in Plainfield, Illinois (Joliet) and I don't think I'll ever go anywhere else to have something installed. He definitely knows his Fords.

I was charged $475 for the install or something like that. You could probably try to find something even cheaper, but everywhere I went wanted a lot for the install or didn't even remotely seem like they had any idea how to do it. My 4.10 has no howling on deceleration, only a slight whine around 35-45 mph. A lot of it has to do with the rear end and the new bushings.

He also deals with SCT and a bunch of vendors, so he's good for tuning too. He did the gear install the same day.

Edit: You live in the north burbs though, this is probably 30 miles south going down I-55 from Chicago.
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$475 was not including parts right? I was going to go with that guy too but he wanted 650-700 for everything and i couldnt make it out there durring the week. ive heard nothing but good things about that guy too though. I got mine done for 450 including parts from this guy in thinking about going to sullivans for a cam job...
Thanks man that helps a lot. I gatta give him a call these days to set up an appointment. 450 is nothing
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