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chopsticks and fried rice....oh and an is300

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My name is Brett and i drive a 2001 black onyx Lexus is300. Live all da way up hur in da good ole state of Wisco. Mr. Blurrr invited me in since he was continually showing me stuff on here. Seemed like a good bunch of people, and heck who doesn't want another pound of rice to go with their mullets and cut off jean shorts.... So i normally fall fast... and i think i love you guys.

love always
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oh hai! It's about time you got on here.
:lmao @ mullets and jorts
now... :pics

ill get updated and better ones tomorrow. Heres meh butt
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that looks like a Honda...
that's what hondas dream of looking like
yeah, a honda with RWD and supra powerplant. then yes, a honda
Whale cum
whalecum nice lexus dude my wife wants one for a DD but i refuse to get rid of her (my) truck lol
haha must say she has good taste. They make some really nice cars these days. but ha i cant blame u, id like a truck as well.
i was actually looking for one of those but got the stang instead:) i replaced the clutch with an exeede and dual mass flywheel with a light weight fidanza on my friends IS300 at the beginning of the year its a whole other car now way more fun to drive and its quick...that little 3.0 inline 2jz is a good engine
Hey buddy long time no see
yeah, gotta love the 2jz! haha. well most of the time. its a dick of an engine sometimes. like when it comes to changing the spark plugs. psh eff that noise! Remove the intake mani, throttle body, 7 bolts. then theres a coil every other cyl. and three wires into each cyl as it is. yeah fun stuff. oh dont forget the coolant line on the intake mani either. gah. anyway. yeah i love the 2j regardless.

ha HEY smooth! its been forever! i ventured back to streetfast recently to no longer existed.
Welcome to the site.
Ya streetfast expired. . . . . . blacksunshine pan into some trouble and couldnt run it anymore. weems is one the main guys here too. and if you remember socal. . . well shes pregnant lol
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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