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The shop told me I had 2 clogged converters and my car 2000 v6 has 4 catalytic converters which is new to me. I thought I only had 2. But apparently there are 2 pre-cats near the headers and 2 main cats. Instead of spending $1800 at the shop to just replace those two clogged cats. I figured I would just get a new exhaust system and install with my uncle. Right now my exhaust is completely stock. I am looking into getting:

As you will see it comes with 2 cats. Do I just purchase 2 of these also ?

BTW American Muscle was convinced I was crazy and said I am mistaken the pre-cats are o2 sensors. If anyone else can shed some light that would be great. Lastly I have to go through emissions so I have to keeps cats. Any other recommended dual exhaust setups that are $1200 or cheaper let me know.

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