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Clutch noise?

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I have a 93 coupe with a stock T5 and with the car idling in nuetral I hear an inconsistant pinging noise coming from the trans tunnel. The noise goes away the second I press the clutch in and only seems to happen at idling RPM, although my exhaust is pretty loud off idle and might be drowning it out. I've checked all external trans/clutch components and everything seems good and tight. If anyone could help out with this mystery it would be appreciated, thanks.
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throw out bearing?
The ping seems too hollow for a throwout bearing, I would compare it to a heat shield rattle. Has anyone else had this problem?
I have to +1 on throw out bearing, you have to realize how much sound can travel through metal from the slightest touch. I'd check that and maybe check the plate itself.
i've had this problem on my AOD. ended up being the starter being loose and the backing plate from the block being terrible
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