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Posted in a few Facebook forums but I thought I would try here and see if anybody knows what may be my issue.

I’m hitting a dead end and need some serious help. 2015 GT, trying to swap a factory mt-82 with a Calimer stage 3

The stage 3 was taken from a 2013 5.0

I took the car to a shop for install, with a new TOB, and a tilton clutch

The shop I took it too called me and said the car wasnt easy to shift, figured out the clutch isn’t fully disengaging. At this point, the TOB was also sqeaking when the clutch pedal was depressed

I posted here and found some people saying it needs a spacer, I relayed this to the shop and they pulled everything back out, and installed a 1/4” spacer behind the TOB. Put the car together, and same issue.

At this point I took the car back and decided to take it apart myself, and this is what I’ve found. I talked to Calimer, and he said I need one of their spacers, which measures .47”. However, upon inspection it really seems to me like the TOB is sitting too far forward.

Any recommendations?
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