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Clutch Pedal Vibrations

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My clutch was fine yesterday (aside from the squeaky TOB that needs replaced) and today my mom needed to pick up her vehicle from the shop so I had to go with. She wanted to drive so I let her. She usually drive an auto and doesn't like driving a manual much but I watched her drive and it was terrible. When she had to slow down to 15-20mph from 35-40 she wouldn't downshift to first (or even second). She would just give it way more gas and slowly get back up to speed. When she did shift she revved it up quite a bit as she let out the clutch (yep, my mom kinda power shifts). So we got to the shop and she got the keys to her car and I started mine up and as I started going I noticed the clutch pedal was vibrating a lot. I had the music cranked way up and I turned it off to be sure it wasn't just the car vibrating from the speakers but it kept vibrating a ton. I've driven the car a bit since earlier and it's settled down some but it's still vibrating more than it would be with just the normal vibrations of the vehicle.

So what generally causes the clutch pedal to vibrate? I'm going to have to teach my mom how to drive better, but would her power shifting contribute to the vibrating clutch pedal?
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Could be the TOB just getting worse. And yeah, being hard on it won't make matters any better. Since you say your TOB is needing to be replaced I'd bet that it just got worse so you're feeling it more. Make sure the cable isn't binding or anything and that everything looks sound visually. If no one else posts anything and it seems like its all connected properly still I would replace the TOB (with a Ford HD one).
The springs on the pressure plate could be bent, ive even seen bolts break off or rattle loose on the pressure plate and i causes the springs to warp out of place and force the throw out bearing back and forth and vibrate. Or you could be lucky and it just needs a throw out bearing.
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