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clutch quadrant and cable install

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does anyone have a write up on the install on an 01 gt? possibly with pics?
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its super easy...stay in this tread and as, questions and i will answer
i did the frpp double hook quadrant, and frpp cable, no firewall adjuster yet but its holding up, for the cable, detatch it from the clutch fork, and mounting location on the bellhousing, then follow it around wehre it goes up on the drivers side, there will be a small silver bracket you have to take off of the frame rail there. then unbolt the gromet where it goes through the fire wall and detatch it from the factory junk plastic quadrant
as for the quadrant. remove the cotter pins, and slide all that whiteish plastic bs off those 2 shafts, then put the new quadrant on, i used nlylon washers on mine to hold it centered to the cable. install the cotter pins, install the cable from under the hood, then make sure you get it on your quadrant hook now or it can be a pita, re route the cable attach, adjust and your good to roll
no way to make it easier lol, just arch your back with your feet and ass outside the car and get under there...i can take pics of the quadrant if you need them , but i dont have a firewall adjuster
which end? the clutch end?
those white and balck rings are not factory, they are nylon washers from ace...just helps to hold it where it needs to be i didnt liek the feeling of it being sloppy down there...<- that sounded dirty
1 - 8 of 17 Posts
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