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cobra brake kit upgrade

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where is the best place to get the cobra brake upgrade kit and which rotors should i get along with them?
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brembo rotors are really nice...why dont you get the cobra brake conversion off the cobra R i believe....its like 1100 for the front system...calipers slotted rotors...

Brembo 2000 Cobra R GT Big Brake Kit - Slotted Rotors (94-04) at - Free Shipping!
because for like 800 dollars i can get cobra calipers and new 13" rotors.....why the hell would i pay 2x as much. besides i dont like american muscle.....just reeks of ripoff. has a cobra upgrade kit for like around 500 has a cobra upgrade kit for like around 500
there ya go
does that come with the rotors also? or seperate?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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