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Cobra Hood or cobra r hood

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okay what should i get the car with 200 for exterior mods ? trying to either get a 99-01 cobra bumper or 03-04 any one kno of nay just bumper no fogs or bezels
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First off you are asking about hoods in your subject and then ask about bumpers in the thread.

Good luck finding a 99/01 or 03/04 bumper for under 200. I don't know a thing about hoods though.
hoods will run at least 3 unless you find a hell of a deal. Same goes with the bumpers. You could get a mach chin for it?
See if there is a certifit around where u live. the cobra terminator hood is only 165 dollars there CertiFit Auto Body Parts - Home. There is one in Miami if that is close for u...
i got a 99/01 cobra front. it was really hard to find tho. the 03/04's are alot easier to get ahold of and they make re-pops for cheap. but with a re-pop i have no idea how it will fit. and on my front, i just run the bezels with no fog lights and a Mach lip. looks good i've been told :D

as for a hood, i'd say go for a 2.5" or 3" cowl hood :cool:
+ 1 on cowl
Yeah I'm a little confused on what the question is here too. You're probably not going to be able to get a decent hood or bumper for $200. You could do a mach chin spoiler and grill delete for $200 I think.
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