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Cold engine Whining?

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Does anyone living in a cold environment hear a whining coming from up front when you start your car in the morning? When my engine is cold soaked, it makes a whining noise, as soon as it is warm, it goes away. I took it to the shop. They replaced the power steering pump, and it still does it. So I just took it back today. I think it is just a tensioner or an idler pully, but I cant pin it down. Its pretty loud though.
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No, still stock.
how long before it goes away?
i have the same problem and i have a CAI is that the problem?
it only does it for about a minute
my car does that too. i live in iowa, its not really getting cold enough here to make it whine but when i was parking it outside every night and it was goin single digit temp it would whine until engine started to warm up a lil bit. i read a post a while back but i dont remember what that whine was about, i remember reading it and saying ok i dont have to worry about taking it in...sorry i cant help much more on the topic, will search around though.
auto or manual? mine makes a whistling sound when cold for about 10 seconds... havent been quick enough to get under the hood before it stops to diagnose it lol but i bet its my either my pcv or power brake booster
either way... im not worried because for the most part, ford got our cars right
Im glad mine isnt the only one. The dealership said that they havent seen it before though, so I went ahead and took it in. If they deem that it is not important, I will let yall know. Thanks.
dealerships dont give a **** about you, me your mom or your moms car trust me.
No, still stock.

Only reason I asked is because sometimes some CAI's tend to sound almost like a very quiet Supercharger whine. And when the cars engine is cold from sitting all night, especially in cold weather, the noise from the CAI will be more noticeable.
yup when you first start the car and its in open loop for like what? 30 seconds... these things heat up the cats quick as hell. what if he has the stock airbox:D:sorry
I get a whine from my supercharger for a few minutes when cold, then that tones down considerably (I wish it didn't because I kind of like it!)
yea rub it in you got a blower tsk tsk.. joking..
Well I just got a call from the dealership, and they said that it is the Idler pulley. We did start two other new GTs this morning and they didnt do what mine did. So if that is indeed the problem, then you who have the same thing might want to have it changed too. I will let you know if it still does it. It will be a couple days till they get the part, so I will let you know then. Until then I am stuck driving this gay fusion, loaner car. I MISS my Mustang!!!
Well they changed an ilder pully and the sound is gone. So if yours is doing it then you might want to take it in.
how much was the fix?????
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