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Hello Group,

Just want to introduce myself, Jon Amo from Denver Colorado. I recently aquired a 1990 Mustang GT Convertable for a measly $200.... The guy was on a hot seat back to Florida So I got a heck of a deal... It need a clutch. So I took it home from the shop and went to work.. after I got the transmission out I just said heck with it and pulled the motor to reseal... But crap now I just want to do the standard mods...

I am avid Land Speed Racer on the bonneville salt flats and have been for since 1992... Bonneville projects were my only "Hotrodding" type of projects but now that I have gotten this i'm just thrilled....

So please be patient with me im new the 5.0 stuff and I know there is a ton of stuff out there.

My first question is does someone make a tubular subframe for the front end of the fox bodied mustangs? I see this one has had an impact hit on front end, so it needs to be changed and I really like the look of those tubular subframes for the later model Mustangs.

and If anybody has any "stuff" laying around please PM me for I am going to do two engines...


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:welcome to MM :)
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