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Come Join Us!

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This is not the same video, I promise...

This is only a rough copy guys. The better one will be up in a few days...just a teaser

I want to meet some of you guys, come join us soon!!
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I agree...for the final version, I will turn up the cars and turn down the music.

Ernie (owner of HCM) is one helluva driver ;)
Now do it in dry pavement and pull up smoke :D
We will soon. Tires arent cheap:D...We are able to drift all day long in the the dry, time is limited
Cool man, looks like alot of fun!!
Just checked out your site. Thats a good price on rotors, how is the quality, and do you have pics of any intalled? I'm sure there are alot of members that would be interested in those.
The rotors are great quality. We are going to get pics up right after we install them on my car and Oscars car (04 Competition Orange Cobra). Let me know if you want anymore information about them
Haha...hoping that doesnt happen anytime soon ;)
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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