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If you prepare for the car show and want to blackout the lights of your Ford Mustang there is no need to tint your headlights or get expensive set of aftermarket headlights.

GTS has a simple, effective and stylish solution - Headlight and Tail Lights Covers. You would be able to add some stealth-like styling to your Mustang by simply attaching the covers on at the show and taking them off when driving around town.

GTS® - Headlight Covers at

GTS® - Blackouts™ Tail Light Covers at


- Headlight covers are available in smoke, clear, and carbon fiber finishes. Tail Light covers are available in smoke and carbon fiber look finish
- Packaged in complete sets
- Constructed with GTS Composite material
- Custom designed for each application
- Tough, durable, composite construction
- Protects your vehicle
- Improves your driving experience
- Comes with everything necessary for installation, including instructions

Enhance the appearance of your Ford Mustang with GTS Headlight and Tail Light Covers from CARiD!​
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