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Coolant problem update w/pics

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Ok so went out and looked at the car this morning and didn't find any coolant on the ground. Popped the hood and this is what I found.

Oil doesn't seem milky but the coolant overflow is empty again. So it would seem to be losing the coolant before it gets to the engine. I'm not going to run the engine anymore until I get this figured out.

You guys have any idea where this is coming from? There is orange "powder" all the way down one side of the heads, other side is clean. Any ideas?
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You have the the "updated" one. The older one in the 99-01 I believe, had plastic where you have aluminum. You should check out AM and get one from there. When I had to replace my manifold, that was the cheapest place I could find them at. Make sure when you have the new intake manifold gaskets, you don't tighten the **** out of them. Because they're rubber, you might end up with more leaks(vacuum,coolant). I think proper torque spec is like 22 or so ft/lb.
Is the one in AM any different than the one I would get elsewhere such as from ford or another auto parts place?
i have one for sale if you need one
+1 w/ Gaskets
aight 330.. we're about to be scrapping
Ok so I got the car put back together this afternoon but it runs really rough. Seems like it's misfiring but I can't pin point it. Plugs seem good. All vacuum lines are reconnected. Not sure what else it could be.

On a positive note, it's not leaking coolant anymore.

Got the car running correctly again. Figured out it was cylinder number 8 that had the issue. Switched everything around and the miss stayed with that cylinder. Did a compression test that came back very good (i was actually impressed). Pulled the injector and it had all kinds of carbon and crap in it. Cleaned it out and was good to go.

So it's had a new intake manifold and gasket, thermostat, thermostat oring, plugs, coolant flush, belt, fuel filter, and put the new wheel hub on for my busted wheel bearing. Car is running in tip top shape now. The fuel filter must have been pretty bad b/c it starts up easier, idles smoother, and seems to respond to throttle a little better. All in all a pretty good project.
Glad you got it done and learned while doing it! Feels great uh..
Just got it 5 or 6 weeks ago. 76,000 miles.
Congrats. If you ever see a black GT with chrome bullits in the area, it's probably me.
Mine's red with the 99-01 polished cobra wheels without the white mustang stripe at the bottom. There is one that looks just like mine but with the white stripes on the doors for sale at garfield autos on murdoch ave.

BTW, I saw your thread about the green v6 with cobra badging. I've seen that thing at walmart in Vienna probably 20 times and LOL every time.
Does yours have the front grill delete and chin spoiler like the garfield autos one does? Those are two visual mods I want to do. And yeah.. the car is in the parking lot of the Parkersburg News. I think he works in the mailroom. Sad. But now I can verify such a horrid beast exists. :p
no mine is completely stock visually except i've got the headlights and tail lights tinted and the magnaflow exhuast. The chin spoiler is on the list of mods but next is a set of 4.10's. Probably install those after first of the year.

Yes i can vouch for the green sixxer, lol
41 - 52 of 52 Posts
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