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Upgraded the cooling system and installed a edelbrock water pump, griffin extreme cool radiator, aluminum coolant tank. Still have to do the dual radiator fans.


The griffin radiator has a core that is 25.5x17.5x3.25


The ABS controller had to massaged and moved into the engine bay about 2 inches. Drill hoes in the bracket and frame for the new mounting position. This was the hardest part but if you remove the plastic clip holding the three lines on the passenger side fender it is easier to massage. The lines have a decent amount of play to them


The transmission line wouldnot fit into the griffin so had to get a female x female 1/4 fitting (long) and a malex male 1/4 fitting for both the supply and return from the cooler. Use blue monstertape to seal the threads. Had to run the car and may had to re tighten the supply fitting as it developed a slow leak. Hate leaking tranny fluid.


Everything is packed in there tight. The stock fan is too thick to fit with its unnecessarily big shroud. Tried fitting it in but was damaging some of the radiator fins. Have a dual ebay fan shroud on order that i will be installing. Was plaiing on wiring so both fans come on at low speed and high speed does anyone know if the pcm sends a lower voltage to the fan at the low speed then the high or would I have to wire in a resistor in order to reduce the voltage. Any ideas on dual fan wiring would be appreciated.


Engine bay is starting to look nice. Next is to get the block built for high boost.

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Nice man. Im sure you will like being able to use that blower how its meant to be used once yoj get a built engine. Just remember, with a lot of power you need to beef up the trans, rearend, and suspension also
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