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I just installed a set of Corsa Sport Axlebacks. I have to say I am pretty impressed with these things. The key benefit of Corsa cans is this: Under WOT they absolutely sing, but under cruising RPM/ light throttle they are very tame.

WOT: Sounds very similar to running muffler deletes but a little quieter. I know this because I used to run MBRP deletes. Aggressive tone and volume. With factory cats everyone around knows you mean business. Without cats its loud as hell.

Highway Cruising: Volume wise they are as quiet as stock, though the tone is a bit sportier. ZERO DRONE when used with factory cats. Without cats, its still surprisingly quiet, though expect a little bit of sound above stock.

Partial throttle acceleration: Rumbly and Raspy. Louder than stock but not obnoxious. I have an uncontrollable urge keep my windows down so that I can hear the sound of my car. Without cats there is a blaring resonance that seems to kick in around 2400 RPM out till 3500 RPM.

Deceleration in gear: Louder than stock, but not too loud. Pops and gurgles just the way I like. Without cats it sounds orgasmic.

Price: Pretty pricey at $700 but they have a LIFETIME warranty which is almost necessary with hot summers and icy winters. This is the kind of exhaust that you want to keep on the car for the long haul. There aren't many of these out there used for a good reason. People want to keep them once they've had them on the car.

Build Quality: When you drop $700 on a pair of mufflers, you have paid for the privilege of nit-picking quality. They look and fit great. No weld spatter or blemishes, and they line up symmetrically in the exhaust reliefs in the factory bumper.

Performance- I haven't had them on a traditional dyno, but according to the ol' butt dyno the car seems to pull just as well as muffler deletes. A big step up from stock for sure.

Overall- I would definitely buy these again. My favorite feature has to be the quality of sound. It lets your mustang sound the way its supposed to sound, but cuts you a break if you are commuting and just want to talk on speakerphone or listen to the radio. Probably the best kit for someone who commutes but wants to have a nasty sounding mustang during car meets/ general hooning. Also Han Solo dies at the end of The Force Awakens.
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