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ok so ive fixed some of the problems with my car now the thing is that when im in first or second gear it seems to do it the most but sometimes up in 4th or 5th gear it will do it to.

it feels like someone who doesnt know how to drive a stick is taking off in first gear.. the cars "bumps" alot if you will but if i put the pedal right down it doesnt do it.

now problem #2 if im really hammering on the gas in 2nd or 3rd gear up towards higher rpms it will feel like im going in and out of full power very quickly almost like the clutch is slipping but it isnt. the tac is not moving at all when this is happening except for climbing up.. it isnt slipping up like a bad clutch will do.

any feedback would be greatly appreciated

ps - problem #2 started after steeda CMCV delete plates and a custome tune from bamachips
although it could have been doing it before but i didnt have full power for a while so i wouldnt have noticed?

could all of this be chalked up to a sloppy drive shaft?
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