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Hi all -
I'm new here, so I figured I'd do an intro.

I grew up with my dad having an '82 GT. He bought it new up in Connecticut while he was in the Navy. This was a few years before he met my mom. He had that car all through my childhood and loved it dearly. When my youngest brother was born, he realized it was a bit tough to haul a family of 5 around in a Mustang and, being the family man he is, sold the car so he could buy a more family-friendly rig. This was around 1993 in the Portland, Oregon area (we still live just north of there in WA, but there was a very interested gentleman in Portland that made the trip to sell it worth the while).

I've loved four-eyed foxes ever since I was little and decided I'd like to finally get one of my own. If I'm going to get one, why not one like my dad had? That line of thinking led me to the thought of "why not THE one that dad had?" I know it's a needle in a haystack, goose chase, likely waste of my time. But I'm in no hurry - heck, I'm still putting funds together to make the purchase so it's not like I could buy a different one right this second anyway. Might as well look.

Thus far I've contacted his old insurance company (to no avail - records were on paper in the early 90's and their archive doesn't go back that far) and I've begun asking around at the Washington department of licensing to see how far back their records go. So far, it's not promising. I combed through old family photos and found a picture with his license plate number from back in the late 80's when we lived in Nevada, so they're my next call if Washington pans out to be a bust. After that, I might have to hire a PI. Never done that. Aught to be an adventure.

In the meantime, I'm joining forums, Facebook groups, etc, keeping my eyes peeled for the car and learning all I can about fox ownership (looks like a 5-lug conversion and brake upgrade is in order as soon as I find a/the car). I figure worst case scenario, I'll know a lot about what I'm up against and what to look for/be aware of in the event that I need to find a random '82 GT instead of my dad's.

- Chris

PS: if you or someone you know just so happens to know someone from the Portland, OR area that would've bought a non-ac t-top black 82 mustang GT back in the early 90's... let's chat. It wouldn't have had the rear louvers by the time it was sold and it would've had a big crack to the front ground effects (thanks mom, LOL).

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