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BEIJING, 4 August, Deputy Director of the Office of State Flood Control Headquarters told Xinhua News Today, a spokesman Qing Peng, now destroyed by the Chinese Water losses have reached more than 40 billion yuan, more than three times the normal value as normal.

Qing Peng said that currently in China, Nike Air Max 24/7 the "seven eight on the" critical period of flood prevention, flood protection remains extremely difficult situation that needs to catch Daxun, anti Dahong fight for the big insurance companies, based save big disaster, down to also do the following:

First focus on strengthening the dam defense. Further implementation of the responsibility and the measures to make it the dike, dam inspection scheduling and insurance defense, so that unbroken flood refundable, protection from pine, strength.

Second, efforts to improve flood protection. Integrated upstream and downstream along the rivers and well organized, scientific monitoring of reservoirs, lakes, dams and flood diversion channel, and other important projects are focused on doing the Three Gorges, Danjiangkou, Abundance, Hakusan scheduling and other large water projects, ensuring security at the same time, Save as flood control, clipping peak hours shifts.

Efforts have been made to do a good job of forecasting. Accurately monitoring changes in the weather and flooding, ruled encryption forecast frequency, the strengthening of the hearing, that the rolling forecast, warning and timely information for flood control and provide the scientific basis for the transfer of hedging instruments.

Fourth, strengthen the efforts for the transfer of hedging. Timeliness of MBT Tataga Men the typhoon zone transfer, mountain flood-prone areas, flood hazard areas and the risk of a serious risk of the reservoir behind the masses and make proper arrangements for the affected people's lives, livelihoods to ensure the people concerned to achieve ', five are "too eating, drinking clothes to clothing, shelter, clean water, get bad in a position to timely medical treatment.

Fifth, to strengthen the efforts for the typhoon defense. August and September are the formation and landing in China typhoon-prone style of the time to closely monitor the conditions and rain water to collect weak, combining prevention, rescue, efforts to reduce disaster losses by typhoon.

6 is an emphasis on the strengthening of urban flood control. The cities are political and economic center in the event of flooding is very easy to produce in the lives of people affected, leading to significant losses. To improve the prediction and early warning, take time and proactively to the public, rain, water regime, water and other road information and all efforts to avoid work.

7 is a focus on the repair of the damaged MBT M. Walk Men plants. Various localities to speed up recovery plan development, the timely implementation of rehabilitation funds, once the restoration project, flood control capacity.

Eighth, efforts to accelerate the water conservancy construction. This year's floods, and raised the low medium and small rivers flood, dangerous condition of many small reservoirs, mountain flood prevention difficult questions. In accordance with the arrangements of the State Council to formulate implementation plans immediately, and try as soon as possible, the implementation of medium and small rivers management, flash, flood control and the small reservoir reinforcement work. (According to the Chinese government's broadcast network text)
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