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Dash for Cash Charity Run

Come join Wide Open Throttle Mustang, Cape Fear Corvette Club and Cape Fear Z club as we hold “Dash for Cash” charity auto run hosted by National Speed of Wilmington on Saturday, October 10th. This is a “Bull Run” style event. The object is to locate 6 points in the southeastern area with only “vague” instructions/directions. The car that completes the course in the shortest amount of time wins the event. The winner will collect ½ the entry fee money and the other ½ will be donated to the American Cancer Society. Our goal is to collect $750 dollars for our charity. This event is also sponsored by H&R Block of Jacksonville and Brooklyn Pizza of Wilmington.

Here is how the “Dash for Cash” event will go. At the starting point (National Speed) each driver/co driver will be given a card with very little information but just enough to be able to find the check point. For example, Food Lion Parking lot Near River area Jacksonville, look for Red Cobra. Once you and your co driver find this check point you will get a new set of vague directions to the next check point and so on. The car with the quickest time wins right? Nope, here is the twist, at National Speed we will have a PS3 game systems set with either “Need for Speed” or “Grand Turismo” (you will not know until you get there). All co drivers will use the same car and run the same course making 3 laps. Each co-driver’s time after completing 3 laps will be added to the team’s run time for their total time!! On top of that the co-driver with the fastest over all game time will win $100 for themselves.

Dash for Cash charity event will take place on Saturday October 10th 2009, starting at 8 am. Sign up for the event will be at National Speed of Wilmington, NC. Entry fee is $30 dollars, please bring correct change. There is a 50 car limit so hurry and get signed up before all spots are taken. Sign up begins September 1st through September 29th.
There will be raffles, food (pizza, wings, burgers) for all contestants as well as speed girls hanging out after the run.

1. Open to all cars and trucks. No bikes.
2. Speeding or dangerous driving is not condoned by Dash for Cash staff and sponsors.
3. All drivers must sign a waiver that states they are responsible for their own actions on the road. This waiver must be turned in on the day of the event. If you do not have this waiver, you will not be allowed to run.
4. No GPS system cell phones with GPS. If your car is equipped, you must disconnect it the before event (honor system)
5. We reserve the right to randomly check any car before, during (check pts) or after their run (for GPS i.e. tom tom’s or Garmin’s)
6. Each driver and co driver will receive a packet when they sign up which will include a time slot for staging and leave time (hour window). If you miss your slotted leave time you will be pushed back to the next time slot but a 5 minute penalty will be added to your total time.
7. Each car must return with all 6 directional cards. Any team missing a card will be penalized 90 minutes per card missing.
8. Co drivers are not allowed to drive during the event.
9. There will be no refunds.
10. Event will go rain or shine.

When you sign up you will receive a package with information about how the event will be run. Information will include the wavier, event rules and guide lines, what you’ll need to bring with you, your car number, and information on the drivers meet and your schedule time slot. Below is the address for the sign up location, National Speed. Come sign up for this fun and very worthy event at National Speed before the dead line is up!! Remember sign up is from Sept 1st until Sept 29th.
National Speed Inc.
6779 Gordon Rd.
Wilmington, NC 28411
tel: 910.332.5901
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